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  • Plastic waste recycling in Silesia
    DMS Recycling is a company operating at an international level
Our services

Industrial waste buying-in

We deal with purchasing of industrial waste of different processing degree and form. Undoubtedly, a big profit for a production firm is sales of plastic waste or defective batches of goods. It allows for:

  • Utilization costs reduction,
  • getting rid of the problem related to waste storage,
  • reuse of wastes processed in a production process.

We encourage production plants to cooperate with the DMS Recycling company. We guarantee waste collection using our own transport. We purchase all wastes after prior agreeing on quantity, term and collection conditions.

odpady sztuczne

Plastic waste recycling

Recycling, or retrieval is waste reprocessing in a production process in order to obtain material of primary designation, which, thanks to it, may be reused for production. The recycling goal is:

  • Raw material consumption limitation,
  • Reducing the number of wastes.

DMS Recycling is a company, which professionally deals with plastic waste recycling. As a result of this process we obtain a product in a form of regranulates.

Regranulates production

We are a regranulates producer. Our product has its application in production processes in different economy sectors. We will deliver regranulates to Customers in Poland, in Europe, and even in Asia. Thanks to investments made into a modern machine park in a production process we obtain high quality regranulates of the following colours:

  • black,
  • white,
  • grey,
  • achromatic,
  • and in colour.

Our production unit is endowed with granulation lines and other equipment (among others: crushers, filtration sieves, grinding mills, waste fractionating devices) necessary for producing regranulates, free of mechanical contaminants.