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Plastic waste recycling: ecological and economical benefit

Plastics are materials, which are currently present almost everywhere. They very often replace wood, glass or metal. They are used in almost all the economy sectors, from the food packaging production, household chemistry, through furnishings and domestic appliances, home electronics, to the motorisation, the construction industry and much more. It is one of the most difficult problems in the waste management system. Their number increases each year, and their specificity is that, even if they go to a garbage dump, their degradation process is very slow. That is why companies like DMS Recycling constitute a necessity for an efficient waste management performance and, thus, for an effective protection of the environment.

Plastic waste recycling in Cieszyn

DMS Recycling is a professional company dealing with plastic waste recycling. Our production unit is located in Cieszyn in the Silesian voivodship. We have specialized in raw materials retrieval from plastic waste. We process them into products in the form of regranulates, which are placed back to the market and are used in production processes. We have been active on inland and continental market, as well as we have been exporting products to Customers from Asia. We are a young company, but we are surrounded by employees with a long experience regarding the plastic waste recycling, but first of all knowledgeable thereon. An essential factor influencing on the DMS Recycling development is our plant technical back. We work with modern machinery, which allows us a fast commission realization. Our machine park constitute machinery and equipment for waste disassembly, triage and passing. Thanks to it we receive a finished agglomerate or regranulates.

Industrial waste – buying-in

Industrial waste – buying-in

We purchase industrial plastic waste from production companies. We offer transparent cooperation conditions and our own transport.

Plastic recycling

Plastic recycling

DMS Recycling is a company, which professionally deals with plastic waste recycling. Our offer is targeted to a business customer.

Regranulates production

Regranulates production

Thanks to modern machinery and equipment which we have, we are able to produce high quality regranulates.

Waste transport

We service production plants thoroughly in the area of waste management. We also deal with transport of raw materials like: plastic, metal, paper and others. Our offer is targeted mainly to enterprises.

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